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    World's Hardest Job...Mom

    May 2, 2016

    Moms are 24/7

    Mother’s Day is around the corner. As we celebrate Mother’s Day, we celebrate all the things mothers do to care for their families, every single day. But when you think about it, a mom is a mom every day of the year, 24/7. Even when her kids are grown, moms still care about and think of their children.

    Wise moms know that good parenting takes consistency and constancy for long-lasting positive results. Caring for our spines is the same, which is why so many moms bring their children for ongoing chiropractic care. In the very first trimester of life, our spinal column is one of the first things to develop. Even during birth, our spines can suffer from subluxations.  Our practice is full of great moms who not only bring in their family for regular spinal adjustments, they do it for themselves so they can be at the top of their extremely demanding "job".  

    Let’s celebrate the moms who bring their families in for spinal care, because like being a mom, spinal care is for life.

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