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Dr. Darryl Maher

Dr. Maher was born in Sudbury, Ontario and raised in Kitchener, Ontario. He attended Grand River Collegiate and graduated with highest honours. He then completed a 4-year Honours Science degree with a pre-health option at the University of Waterloo. Upon graduation he attended New York Chiropractic College and completed his doctorate in 2007. Graduating summa cum laude with an interest in elite sport science, Dr. Maher worked with professional and Olympic athletes while in New York. He decided, however, to move back to Canada to provide optimal health to those who otherwise may not have access to true health care. His passion for delivering health and wellness to everyone from newborn to elderly led him to open Maher Chiropractic in early 2008 back in his hometown of Kitchener.

His Chiropractic Miracle

Dr. Maher is an avid sports enthusiast and loves to challenge himself on a regular basis. His biggest challenge though came at the age of 16 while playing hockey and getting a low blindsided body check. He found himself unable to walk two days after. Following the only path he knew at the time, Dr. Maher went to his family doctor and was referred to an orthopedic surgeon who told him, “the only way you will ever walk again is if we do surgery to fuse and correct your low back injury”.

Thank goodness he sought out a second opinion from a Doctor of Chiropractic. One month later he was back to full function and back on the ice playing hockey. If you ask him, he will 100% tell you that chiropractic saved his life, because if he had opted for surgery, he wouldn’t be able to do everything he does today, including provide chiropractic care to thousands of patients.

Family Life

Dr. Maher currently resides in Paris, Ontario with his best friend and partner for life Leah, as well as their four active children and two dogs. On any given day you may find them at the hockey rink, music studio, dance studio, or at track and field while keeping up with the kids or out at the park running with the dogs. Dr. Maher and Leah are constantly reading and studying on how they can consistently move forward in a positive direction of health and wellness for their family and all those they interact with.

Dr. Maher’s biggest message to everyone is don’t wait for tomorrow to go after your dreams and goals. Start today!

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