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  • Minor traumas accumulate over time

    Small Movements with Big Impact

    How Repetitive Strain Injury is Interfering with your Life November 25, 2019

    For most people today, injury doesn’t come from sports or too much activity, but rather from repetitive micro strains at work. Repetitive strain injury, or RSI, happens when you constantly repeat the same movements, causing the areas involved to wear and tear. This can be a result of the more obvious movements in exercise and sports, or...

  • Improving Your Immune System

    September 10, 2019

    It's that time of year again - cold and flu season. Do want to know a great way to boost your immune system? If you've ever been to a chiropractor you likely know that rush you get after an adjustment, but there's a lot more happening in that rush than you could imagine.

    Our immune system is one of the most complex systems in existence. How is...

  • Many people know that posture affects physiology and function, but they don’t realize just how immensely it affects overall health and wellbeing. We live in a society that promotes a sedentary lifestyle in straining positions, leading to aches and strains, but over time these minor traumas lead to much greater detriments.
  • For nearly 10 years the focus of my life was working with urban poor people.  In one of those experiences essentially 10 of us were in the midst of overwhelming human need.  The number of meaningful things that needed to be done was endless.  I couldn’t begin to count how many times people would come up and say:  “Pastor, someone needs to do something about . . .”  With every identified problem, there was a recommended program, service or ministry that needed to be started.
  • After studying nearly four thousand children, two Dutch physicians concluded that 88% of children with acute ear infections never needed antibiotics.  This startling discovery occurred after testing fluid samples taken from the child’s ear.  In all 88% no traces of bacteria were found, therefore, making it impossible for antibiotics to have any effect.  When was the last time you saw a child with an earache get tested for bacteria?
  • Jun27Mon

    Another Life Threatening Warning

    June 27, 2016

    Thank you to a concerned patient that forwarded me this urgent warning.  All drugs containing PHENYLPROPANOLAMINE have been recalled.  Please read this CAREFULLY. Also, please pass this on to everyone you know.

    DO NOT TAKE anything containing this ingredient.  If you have any of these products dump them down the toilet.  It has been linked to increased hemorrhagic stroke (bleeding in brain) Among women ages 18-49 in the three days after starting use of medication. 

  • Medical researchers now say that over half of the people with heart disease never had high cholesterol or high blood pressure.  This has medical researchers baffled.  They wonder why people have heart disease when these two “causes” are absent.

    For years all we have heard is that if you have high cholesterol or high blood pressure you’re a goner.  If you don’t then you’re OK.  The truth is these tests are only a symptom of the underlying cause.

  • Jun13Mon

    Sunshine: Friend or Foe?

    June 13, 2016

    As summer arrives, we welcome longer, sunnier days. But the sun is a double-edged sword: it’s a source of vitamin D and a natural mood-enhancer. It can also be a dangerous foe causing sunburn, sun stroke, even skin cancer. It’s important to stay aware of the sun and its positive - and negative - effects. The same applies to our spinal health.

  • When planning your summer vacations, remember the sunscreen,  but don't forget your spinal health!

    Summer is finally here. 

    Many of us will plan vacations in an attempt to leave our day-to-day cares behind. Unfortunately, we can’t leave our spinal subluxations behind when we hit the highway. Spinal problems do not take vacations.
  • May30Mon

    EnJOY the Journey

    May 30, 2016

    We all have goals. But what about the journey?

    There’s no joy in the process if you’re gritting your teeth, trudging along, or fighting the change every step of the way.

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