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    Spring Cleaning

    April 25, 2016

    As the spring melt begins, many of us feel more like bears emerging from hibernation than human beings. Sluggish and slow, we come out of our caves where we’ve over-wintered, fending off the bitter cold.

    As the earth begins to awaken, the pristine fields of snow give way to dirt-encrusted snowbanks, mucky roadways, pathways and sidewalks clogged with sand and salt.

    Just as the earth’s spring cleaning naturally washes away the winter debris from our city streets, so too should we consider our own spring clean-up after the long, dark winter days.

    Ditch the debris
    With chiropractic care, your chiropractor can help you rid your body of the accumulated stresses of winter by gently re-aligning your spine. With less activity over the cold winter months, poor spinal alignment can result. Just as the snowbanks reveal the accumulated garbage that’s been covered up under layers of snowfalls, we may have accumulated physical, chemical, mental and emotional debris over the long winter.

    Physical debris
    The physical stress of being forced to be indoors and less active over the long winter months can leave you feeling achy and listless. Perhaps you’ve spent more time on the couch and less time walking this winter; maybe you’ve hunkered down with comfort foods and find yourself a bit more round and bear-shaped than you were in the fall. Chiropractic care can get your spinal joints moving again, reducing nervous system disruption and opening the door for renewed vigour and well-being.

    Chemical debris
    Chemical stress occurs throughout the winter as we receive less fresh air, spending more time indoors with the windows closed and less air flow. Exposure to poor indoor air quality can lead to a higher intake of chemicals, dust, and a lower intake of fresh pure air, which can affect our nervous system and muscle tone. Your body can react to create a vertebral subluxation, sending your muscles into spasm.

    Emotional debris
    Emotional debris includes the stress of being indoors for months on end; grey days that lead to low moods, even depression or weather-induced Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), boredom and listlessness; and anxiety at being storm-stayed indoors for long periods of time.

    Mental debris
    Mental debris includes feeling more isolated and disconnected from friends and loved ones; frustration from closed winter roads and cancelled activities; and the stress and anxiety of driving through storms and challenging road conditions, not to mention the worry of loved ones doing the same. This can lead to tense muscles and constricted movement.

    Time for spring cleaning
    Like the fresh spring rains washing away debris, chiropractic care can wash away these stressors, freeing up your body for more ease of movement, naturally helping you to achieve your optimal, health-enhancing posture. Just as we need clear sidewalks and roads, our spines need clear pathways, unimpeded by vertebral subluxations which prevent our bodies from moving properly and our nerves from communicating effectively between our brain and our body.

    Refresh and re-energize yourself this spring. Get out of your winter cave and let your chiropractor help you with cleaning up the collected debris and stresses from a long winter. Your body and mind will thank you for it.

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