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"For the past 30 years I have suffered from neck and back pain. I tried all the conventional treatments, but nothing worked. Chiropractic care has drastically reduced my neck and back pain. Increasing my range of motion has allowed me to continue my sports. I feel healthy mentally and physically." -J.P.

"I suffered from chronic left hip pain…I was left in tears at the end of an 8-hour workday. I was told that I would likely need a hip replacement in my early 50’s, so I just had to live with the pain. After 1 month of adjustments my hip pain was completely gone!" -S.L.

"I was on 2 different kinds of anti-depressants and my back was always giving out. I had a hard time falling asleep and couldn’t sleep for more than a few hours at a time. After 6 months of treatment my lower back doesn’t give out anymore and I can fall asleep within 5-10 minutes of going to bed." -C.H.

"I was diagnosed with depression and had constant neck and lower back pain despite the prescribed medication. My head felt like it was literally hanging on by a thread and I had constant headaches. After being treated by Dr. Maher I no longer feel pain in these areas. I stopped taking depression medication and my friends and family have noticed how much more relaxed and happier I am." -K.C.

"I suffered from constant migraines as well as back pain and lack of energy. Chiropractic helped my body carry out its proper functions. My migraines started to disappear after a few weeks of treatment and my other symptoms like fatigue and dizziness started to improve as well. I urge others to accept corrective treatments even after their symptoms have vanished in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle." -A.G.

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